thank you to our amazing sponsors!

We would not be able to do the advanced research and development without the help and support from our current sponsors. Their generous donations provided our team with the ability to research, test, develop and annually launch a level 3 rocket at the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico. 

moog, inc.

Moog is an American-based designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, defense, industrial and medical devices. The company operates under four segments: aircraft controls, space and defense controls, industrial controls, and components. 

safran oxygen system

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures oxygen systems and masks for the civil and military aviation sectors, ensuring the safety of flight crews and passengers in the event of cabin depressurisation or the presence of smoke. Thanks to its capacities in terms of innovation, design, simulation and testing, Safran Aerosystems can supply its customers with advanced safety systems, guaranteeing unrivalled performances and helping to optimise operating costs. 


Globally recognized as the leading name in transducer technology, Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. maintains its edge with innovative research, ingenious designs and forward-thinking minds. Kulite, which boasts over 350 patents, has developed high-performance, state-of-the-art custom and stock products, including transducers for extreme and harsh environmental conditions in myriad fields and industries around the world.


Altium is a leading software company specializing in electronic design automation (EDA). Renowned for its innovative PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design solutions; Altium empowers engineers and designers to create cutting-edge electronics. Their platform, Altium Designer, streamlines the design process, fostering efficient collaboration and ensuring high-quality results in the realm of electronic product development.


ANSYS is a prominent engineering simulation software company, recognized for its advanced solutions in the field of finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Empowering engineers and designers, ANSYS facilitates accurate simulations, optimizing product performance and efficiency. With a focus on innovation, the company plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of simulation-driven product development.

ub student association

University at Buffalo Student Association Inc. (“Student Association” or “SA”) is the undergraduate student government of the State University of New York at Buffalo. We exist to enhance the undergraduate student experience outside the classroom and to advocate for the needs and concerns of the 19,000 undergraduates of the University at Buffalo.  

ub alumni association

The UB Engineering and Applied Sciences Alumni Association helps you stay connected with your school, your classmates and the Buffalo-Niagara region. Together, we can continue the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences tradition of excellence. The UB Engineering Alumni Association’s (UBEAA) purpose is to establish, promote and maintain service to the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences through its members. 

UB School of engineering

The University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, or UB Engineering, is the largest public engineering school in the state of New York and is home to eight departments. Established in 1946, UB Engineering is ranked 67th by U.S. News & World Report and has a research expenditure of $67 million. 

interested in sponsoring us?

A sponsorship is a mutual benefit to both the sponsoring company and the club. We want to promote your company and show that with your assistance we're able to push our rocketry development to new heights.

After you see what we're capable of, we would love to work out possible internship or job opportunities. With the skills we've developed through this extracurricular experience, our exposure to different areas of engineering, and the application of theory to real engineering systems, we will be very suitable future employees for you.